July 27, 2021 update: We've had a few people reach out (thank you!) to let us know that the game either doesn't load in their browser or takes a long time to load. We've added a Windows download option to help those folks out. We still recommend to play in the browser, but if you run into problems, try out the Windows version.  Enjoy!

Submitted for #GeoJam 2021

Angle your shots to destroy the bricks and pegs of each level while facing an owl that keeps switching the rules of the game. 

Enjoy 8 levels of this peggle/brick-breaker mash up!

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Game Controls:

Aim your ball launcher with mouse.

Left Click to launch balls. Repeat to fire more.

Aim your paddle with mouse to reflect balls up.

The mystic owl switches your gameplay between launching balls from the screen top or reflecting balls from screen bottom. Watch the owl's movement to predict when the game switches.

Players can switch the gameplay too: If you see a clock, hit it with your balls!


Bricks = 10 points

Pegs = 20 points

Hit consecutive targets to build score streak multiplier. Streak lost after 5 seconds without scoring.

Streak >= 5: x2 score

Streak >= 10: x10 score

Every 1000 points earns an extra ball.


switchwork-windows-1.0.0.zip 100 MB


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Do not work on my pc :(

unfortunately, it can take a bit to load in your screen. 

Thanks for trying!

Thanks for the info! We’ve added a Windows version that you can download and play on your computer instead of playing in the browser. Feel free to give it a try. If you run into problems, let us know!

Music and mechanism are both nice, fun game!

Here is just one advice: score accounts may be exponential rather than linear while one ball hit, that will make game more tricks


Lots of fun and interesting mix of games. I learned to hate the owl that would switch right before the ball would hit my paddle! Music and art style is :chefs-kiss:


Ingeniously combines two mechanics, fun to play.